Thursday, November 15, 2007

Flickr This!!!

This is going to be a blog about my Flickr activities!!! Most of you probably dont know that I am a camera phone junky. I snap quite a few pics, mostly of specific types of things, but still last month I used 500Mb on my phone. I use this great app on my phone called ShoZu which sends my pics to several locations including Flickr. I have a few thousand pics in my account that I am still sorting into sets to make viewable to the public but as I go through them I will be posting updates to this blog. So stay tuned for some possibly weird and silly shit.


1 comment:

Mark said...

Awesome, thanks for your review of ShoZu Zane!

We are happy to hear that you are enjoying our app and remember that you can also subscribe to your friends' Flickr photostreams in our latest version if you have a Nokia/Microsoft smartphone!

Happy snapping.

Jambo (ShoZu)