Friday, November 16, 2007

Sandy Soldiers

Image(525), originally uploaded by zbr.

Image(528), originally uploaded by zbr.

There is this guy up in Santa Barbara who does these amazing sand sculptures. I was up there this day with my now wife Rachel for her birthday. We walked all over State St. and eventually got to the pier to eat lunch and wandered past this amazing sight. This was to human scale and was and amazingly realistic there was also a message in the sand on a plaque he made. Ah never heart forget, for this our youngest, best and bravest died. There is also this guy who carves wood and then uses a magnifying glass to burn designs onto different wooden objects. I bought a box for rachel if I find a pic I will post it soon.

S***** Tap

Image(510), originally uploaded by zbr.

This might seem a bit odd being just a picture of 4 test tubes with some clear liquid in them but its not what it seems. That fluid in the tubes is spinal fluid which was taken from my spine back in Nov 2005. A neurologist I was seeing wanted me to get tested for MS and how much fun is that test. They jam a rather large needle into your spinal column and drain off quite a bit of spinal fluid, it hurts like hell when they do it and stays sore for a few days. Test was negative so totally worth the pain but still I couldn't resist taking a picture of my spinal fluid in tubes ;]

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Walt Disney

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This was taken at Disneyland in CA in the Art Gallery on Main Street USA. They have some amazing pieces this was a nice photo and animation cell together.

Flickr This!!!

This is going to be a blog about my Flickr activities!!! Most of you probably dont know that I am a camera phone junky. I snap quite a few pics, mostly of specific types of things, but still last month I used 500Mb on my phone. I use this great app on my phone called ShoZu which sends my pics to several locations including Flickr. I have a few thousand pics in my account that I am still sorting into sets to make viewable to the public but as I go through them I will be posting updates to this blog. So stay tuned for some possibly weird and silly shit.