Thursday, December 10, 2009

I recently backed up my iPod using Pkg Backup.

These applications, installed from Cydia®, are: Action Menu,Action Menu Plus Pack,APR-util,APT 0.6 Transitional,Automake,Automatic SSH,Base Structure,BigBoss Recommended Tools,BIND DNS Server,Bison,Hell launchd routines,SpringBoardAccess,Class Dump,Screw off,Peanut Butter Jelly Time,BoobShake,Celebrity Death Alerts,iTapCounter,PayUpBra,Random Facts,Rock Paper Scissors,Top 10 Twitter Babes,Top 50 Kayne West Jokes,LockInfo,Clock Plugin for LockInfo (Native),LockInfo Cydget,Twitter Plugin for LockInfo (Native),WebViewController,pirni,Categories v1 Icons,F*ck You,iAnnoying,iBeep,iBroken,iB*tch,iBullshit,iCrack,iGong,Oh Shit,Son Of A Bit*h,WTF,LockLight Cydget,National Debt Clock Cydget,Bluetooth IM,Crazy Text,Digital Rain,How old am I,Hypnotizer,I Am Lucky,Loading Story,Spiral Hypno,Duke To Go,Swipe Controls,AttachmentSaver,PhotoShare Web,Fck Off,iDonut,myFox,Bart Simpson Generator,Lie Detector,SynchStep,TwitLock,MyTones,iComic,Animal Age,Birth Signz,Blood Alcohol,Body Mass,GPA,iAge,Smoking Cydget,WindChill,World Time,iComics PennyArcade,iComics The Noob,iComics XKCD,Christmas Cydget,iFacebook Cydget,iMa Cydget,iMySpace Cydget,iNetlog Cydget,iTwitter Cydget,Drunktionary,Ass Clown,DigiClock,UDecide,Animals Jokes,Dirty Jokes,Korny Jokes,Marriage,Musician Jokes,Questions,SantaBanta,Yo Mama Jokes,Little Red Riding Hood by Steppenwolf,Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf,Take This Job & Shove It by Hank Williams Jr.,Stumbler Plus,Contacts Cydget,Currency Cydget,iSocialSpinner,Maps Cydget,Roadrunner Tune,SmartScreen Cydget Plugin,TicTacToe Cydget,TRON Categories,WikiSearch,PhotoArt WP Collection,iDare,iLol Free,iWalMart,Kiss Tester,Love Tester,MxTube,NoCyfresh,SBSilentToggle,SpringSorter,60 2nd Lock Screen,Gradiance Categories,mac categories,ubuntu categories,Vista Categories,Vivid Categories,Sanity Check,Modplayer,Simulated Key Events,PrivaCy,GV Mobile,setkehs tech news cydget,iBurp,Michael Jackson Quiz,iFarty,Dumb Blonde Jokes,Poke Homer,Shoot Hitler,Tickle Me Emo,hugs98-packages,Halo Mobile,New yrs Countdown Cydget,vlc4iphone,A Zodget - Cydia News Cydget,HTC Cydget,HTC Hero Cydget,cpio,Csu,cwidget,Cydia Community Sources,Cyntact,D-Bus,DMG2IMG,dns2tcp,iFile Documentation (en),Spot,FAAD,fastjar,iPhone Firmware,FLAC,Flex,Freepops,Google Data APIs,GNU Multiple Precision,gperf,ImageMagick,indent,IOKit Tools,iPhone/Java,iWinnerBust,iWipe,Jikes,Katra-based Weather Icon Theme,Kernel Extension Tools,Klear Weather Icon Theme,LAME,Link Identity Editor,libarchive,Assuan,libdict,libgpod,libid3tag,libnids,C++ Standard Library,LibVNCServer,lighttpd,links,Lynx,Make,minicom,MPlayer,My TraceRoute,nbasicforiphone,ncftp,neon,iBeatz,iCampFire,uBurp,SDM SBSettings,Mover Open,RandomRing BossPrefs Toggle,Twydget,netcat,ngrep,Nmap,OpenNTPD,SwapTunes,Pushr,PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor,Package Config,PodKill,PowerManagement Tools,PwnPlayer,rdesktop,RiPTones,rsync,rzip,Safari Tab Closer,SBCustomIcon,Autocorrection SBSettings,Autolock SBSettings,Calculator Widget,Insomnia Toggle,iPod Widget,Net Talk Toggle,Push SBSettings Toggle,Push Notifications SBSettings Toggle,Syslog Toggle,UserAgent Faker,Volume Slider Widget,SpringBridge,Yellow Rose of Texas,statusbridge,Sudo,treecc,iTrickedU,Vorbis,x264,XAR,XPwn,Dev-Team,yxcoder,yxflash.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 Month Supply of Huggies Little Movers Diapers ~ A Giveaway!

3 Month Supply of Huggies Little Movers Diapers ~ A Giveaway!

So I know we're talking about Moms, but what about us Mr. Moms?
I'm home with our 10 month old son Xaxxon while my wife decided to go back to work and LVN Nursing school :) So rather than spend 1/3 income on daycare I became Mr. Mom ;)

It's wonderful being able to have the option to be a stay at home dad! Recently Huggies sent us a coupon for some Little Movers & I have to say I'm thrilled how streamlined they are! I feel for that dad in the commercial ;) I know I could certainly use a pair of Bright Red Big Mover Tennies to keep up with our little man!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Spam Blocker!!!

This is an Awesome service to prevent spam and any other junk in your inbox!!!!

Any time you are asked for an email address to sign up a newletter, register at a forum, etc, use a phantasy email with one of our active domain names (see list Active / Inactive Email Domains above)

Example Email Addresses:


In case you will receive an email (a confirmation email, a serial code, etc), just visit and pick it up here.

You don't have to register any account with us, nor do you need any password. Your account is created on the fly.

This way you can block out spam before it reaches your private email account. Your Spam Blocker at home says THANK YOU!

Need more info? Anonymous Email, your Spam Blocker [FAQ]